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How to get Mystic Coins and Mystic Clovers – a Guild Wars 2 Guide

Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons Guide

Legendary Gear in Guild Wars 2 is a huge part of the endgame. Getting this gear can take weeks, no matter what methods you use. Being some of the most powerful gear, a lot of players want it, but have limited time to invest in getting it. To help speed the process up, you need to know where to get certain Legendary crafting mats. Two of the most important items for this are Mystic Coins and Mystic Clovers in Guild Wars 2. These rare material items can be pretty hard to find, but this guide should help you out.

These two items are vital as a part of the weeks-long grind to unlock Legendary Armor pieces, some of the best items in the game. You will need quite a few of both Mystic Coins and Mystic Clovers in GW2 to unlock even a few pieces. For example, one piece of Legendary armor consumes 15 Mystic Clovers as part of its total recipe. There are obviously other steps as well, and Mystic Coins and Mystic Clovers are just one part of the process.

How to get Mystic Clovers Fast

They can be obtained from the Day 28 login rewards, so just keep logging into to get a bunch of Coins and Clovers. The Chest of Loyalty item you get on this day is super valuable and contains a few rare items. The Chest of Legendary Crafting Materials you get as part of the reward contains 7x Mystic Clover and 8x Obsidian Shards. Beyond that, there are a few methods to get more. You could of course buy them from other players on the Trading Post, but new players won’t have the Gold for that.

WvW players and Ranked PvP players can get them just by playing the game. Some PvP and WvW reward tracks also contain chests that reward Coins and Clovers.

Certain repeatable achievements give out Blood Legion Reward Boxes, these have Clovers as part of their loot table. Head to Drizzlewood and visit the Cloister to trade in Legion Commendations for progress on this achievement. Completing the Glory to the Blood Legion repeatable achievement grants one box.

You can also buy them from BUY-4373 found outside the Fractals entrance for 150 Fractal Relics, 2 Spirit Shards, 2 Mystic Coins and 2 Globs of Ectoplasm. You can only buy 10 from him each week though, so combine this with other methods to get the amount you need. We also have guides on finding items like Spirit Shards if you’re having issues getting those as well.

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There are some other ways, but we really don’t recommend them. There are two crafting recipes involving the Mystic Forge you may use to get more. The success rate is very low, and these recipes use high-end materials, so they’re basically a way to waste Gold. You can try if you have materials and Gold burning a hole in your pocket, but it’s not usually the best way to go about this. You can find these crafting recipes on the wiki page, along with details on what reward tracks to focus on.

How to get Mystic Coins Fast

You can get Mystic Coins, just like the much rarer clovers, from daily login rewards. If you log in once a day, you can get 20 total Coins per month. That’s pretty good if you don’t even both with the other methods. Although realistically you will focus on other methods. But if you’re actually playing the game, there are a few methods you can use to get more coins. These are the most common and realistic methods you can use to get Mystic Coins over time. There are obviously other methods you can use, but most players will rely on these. Here are some of the best methods you can use to get more.

  • Certain Fractals and Fractal challenges grant both Mystic Coins and Mystic Clovers for completions. For Coins, complete the challenge mode variants of Fractals 98. 99 and 100 to get them. Every boss in these three coins.
  • Daily Fractal Challenges sometimes reward Coins
  • Certain world bosses can also give out Coins
  • PvP Monthly and Weekly Tournaments rewards Mystic Coins

You may also find a Mystic Forge recipe challenge being handed out each day as part of your daily challenges. If you just chuck four blue items into the Forge on these days, you can get free Mystic Coins as well.

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