Guide to Appraisal in Phantasy Star Online 2

How to get an Auxiliary Partner in Phantasy Star Online 2

There are a ton of items and loot in Phantasy Star Online 2, and you’re going to want to sell most of it. There is too much to use for just one character. But there’s some that you may want to equip. Most loot can be used right away, but some of it can’t. As you play through the game you will notice that a lot of gear needs to be identified, and some of it will be marked with a special mark not like other loot. If you ever see an item marked as “Special ?”, that’s an appraisal item. These need to go through appraisal in Phantasy Star Online 2 before they can be sold or equipped.

So what is Appraisal in Phantasy Star Online 2? This special system is what allows you to see the true power of an item, and it’s sometimes required before you can use the item. This should become a key part of your process while playing PSO2, as you will constantly need to appraise and dump loot. This means you should always be clearing the junk out of your inventory.

The appraisal shop is where you need to go to get an Appraisal in Phantasy Star Online 2. The shop can be found inside the  ARKS Shopping Area, head for the main gate area and look around. You’re looking for Chira, who hangs out near the weapons booth. This NPC is who will appraise your gear.

When appraising an item, you will have two options: Appraisal and Enhanced Appraisal. The basic appraisal will unlock the item and allow it to be used. The stats will be revealed but any special properties may remain hidden.  An Enhanced Appraisal is much more expensive and will result in the most possible stats revealed for a given item. Save this for the best gear you can get, as it will maximize the potential of that item.

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There is another option to consider as well. Players have the option to augment and upgrade their newly appraised gear as well. You will get more powerful augments over time as you go through the game.

Most players will spend the Meseta only on gear they wish to use when appraising, but that’s a personal choice.

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