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YouTube gaming channel, Super Best Friends, call it quits

Super Best Friends Calling it Quits

After nearly a decade of work, passion and dedication, one of the best gaming and “Let’s Play” channels on YouTube has disbanded.

Matt, Pat, Woolie and Liam were the four members of a massively successful YouTube channel, known as Super Best Friends Play.

The group got its start under the Super Best Friends banner with short “Let’s Play” videos uploaded under contract with Machinima in 2010. The group quickly branched out from there, slowly building a sizeable fanbase with a wide variety of entertaining videos about a huge and diverse library of games. During this time, Matt began uploading trailers and other random content to an independent channel, at this time known under the moniker, The Sw1tcher. In 2011, the group uploaded their first full LP of Resident Evil 2, quickly winning over new fans with quirky and niche humor, as well as a genuinely friendly atmosphere.

Over the next several years, the SBFP produced a huge library of content, spanning a very diverse mix of genres. They also made their fondness for various genres and game franchises abundantly clear. They are all fans of fighting games and wrestling to varying degrees, and Pat really likes Resident Evil and Silent Hill.

In a somewhat shocking announcement, fans were stunned to learn that the channel was ending and that the Super Best Friends Play channel would effectively cease to receive new content. The reasons are left somewhat vague, but we do know that Matt and Pat, two of the founding on-camera performers, have ended their friendship. Additional questioning by fans has led to revelations such as tension between Liam, who left the channel during 2016 due to health issues, and Pat. According to Liam, he is no longer on good terms with Pat.

If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s the full announcement video:

It’s not all bad news though. A torrent of fans and other creators have poured out support for both SBFP members and fans since the news broke early this morning. Many creators have expressed gratitude to these guys for being so awesome and helpful over the years. And if you need your Super Best Fix, all of the members will continue to produce their own content.

Matt is currently involved with his own YouTube channel, called Matt McMuscles, as well as working on The Takeover, a new video game. Pat will continue streaming on Twitch at AngriestPat, as will Woolie with his WoolieVersus stream. Woolie also has his own YouTube channel for LP content, and will be hosting a new podcast with Pat called Castle Super Beast. Former member Liam continues to stream as well, as he has been for some time.

The current channel for their content, Super Best Friends Play, sits at roughly 750,000 subscribers and contains the majority of their independent content which they’ve produced over the years. The channel will remain as an archive of their content, and various community creators who made compilations and edits of their videos have expressed their feelings, with some affirming their willingness to make more content to honor the SBF.

As someone who watched their content regularly for the last several years, it’s sad to see them go, and I wish these chuckleheads luck in their future efforts. And I genuinely hope they can patch up the holes in their friendships. These guys have been such a huge part of so many peoples lives, that it sucks to know that things are changing, but it’s likely for the best.

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