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How To Farm Atmo Systems In Warframe

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We’ve been cranking out guides and news for Warframe because we love the game. Farming is a huge part of the game, with so much crafting you need to do, you’re going to need to do some farming to get the materials. We’ve produced guides on farming and building the new Railjack already, so now we’re going back to do some older mechanics. So let’s get going with this guide on how to farm Atmo Systems In Warframe.

If you want to farm Atmo Systems In Warframe, you’re going to need to head to one place. The open-world region around Fortuna is your destination. And no, you’re not going mining. Although this is a good time to farm for any high-end ore components that you need while traveling. You will need to reach the rank of Old Mate with Solaris United to actually accept the mission though. Grind our your Standings in the open world by either doing other missions or by mining, or preferably both. Once you have the required standing, you’re ready to start farming Atmo Systems.

The Profit Taker bounties are what you’re after. There are different types of missions, and you’re looking for one kind in particular.

The target missions you want are the Heist Missions for Vox Solaris Syndicate on Fortuna and involve taking down the Orb Mother that guards the Orb Vallis. This mission type isn’t easy, and you will want a stealth frame for doing it easily. The mission specifically takes place in the Enrichment Labs and has you tasked with stealing the schema for the Profit Taker’s shield. Talk to Eudico and accept the mission, then head out into the cold embrace of Orb Valis.

There are four phases to each mission, which different drop chances for each phase of the three new systems:

  • Gyromag Systems have a 25.00% drop chance in Phase 1 – 3 and 28.57% chance in Phase 4
  • Atmo Systems have a 10.00% drop chance in Phase 1 – 3 and 11.43% chance in Phase 4
  • Repeller Systems have a 7.50% drop chance in Phase 1 – 3 and 8.57% chance in Phase 4
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This means that the fastest way to rush the mission is to farm Phase 2, thanks to the drop chance variance.

You will want to head down towards the Enrichment Labs, as these are the target for this mission. Your goal is to infiltrate this labyrinthine structure and take out a few targets. You have two goals, one is taking out three Corpus Directors. The other is to sneak through the facility and find plans for a shield that the profit taker wants.

The directors always spawn in the exact same locations meaning you can rush to them easily. The fastest way to complete this mission is to rush to the back of the zone and head into the structure at the lowest floor. Head down until you find the three Corpus Directors. These are fairly tanky mini-bosses, so if you’re a newer player, a DPS build might make this part a bit easier. There will only be one director spawned at first, killing them should spawn the other two.

Once those three nuisances are dead, head outside. There will be two Terra Ambulas who spawn to guard the harmonic schema. Once you’ve killed both Ambulas, grab the datamass in the cell and run back to base.

Once you’ve defeated the two guards and claimed your bounty, head back to Fortuna to claim the Atmo Systems from the rewards pool. The Atmo Systems are also purchasable from Little Duck for 2,500 Standing at the rank of Hand. Although this farming method can be done far faster than grinding out that Standing.

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