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Grinding Gear Games showcases more MTX effects and holds another weekend sale

Path of Exile Legion

Grinding Gear Games has a bunch of Path of Exile goodies and news bits for fans to fawn over. This includes new cosmetic items and a bunch of other paid items in the cash shop.

The first of these new microtransactions is a set of new Celestial effects for various skills in POE. Lacerate, Wither, Blight and other skills now have their own starry effect, and that’s just a few of the new effects on offer. Various other Celestial items were introduced back in Synthesis, so it’s nice to see the line getting expanded. Fans of the Shaper aesthetic will have even more choices now.

And if you want a new Portal effect, one pulled directly from the Legion League bosses, GGG also introduced a new Viper Portal Effect. Check out the venomous cosmetic effect down below.

And if you want something a bit weirder, then there’s this eerie and terrifying goat pet thing. So if you’re the kind of player who wants a strange and unnerving black goat following them around Wraeclast, this addon might be for you. Check it out in the trailer below.

In other news, Grinding Gear Games has announced yet another sale on MTX items of various kinds. Various skill effects and armor pieces have been given a slight discount. And to go along with these deals, the Glimmerwoood Mystery Box has also had its price slashed. It’s really fitting too as many of the MTX effects discounted were part of that particular loot box. This loot box has more than 50 cosmetic effects are available at discounted prices, including the magnificent Transcendence Armour Set and Wings.

This sale will run until August 6th, so you have a bit of extra time to pick out the items you want.

On our side of things, we also introduced a handful of new POE guides you should check in on. Our Betrayal guide got some updates, as did some of our Legion content.

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