Archon fight guide – Stoneshard

How to beat the Archon in Stoneshard

Now that you’ve learned the basics of playing Stoneshard, you’re probably having a ton of fun and collecting tons of loot, but there may come a point when you’re a little challenged. The first boss battle in Stoneshard, the Archon, is that point for some. The Archon in Stoneshard is one of those fights that has new players scratching their heads. Here’s our breakdown of the boss fight and how to beat it easily.

If you’re looking for more Stoneshard guides, we’ve got you covered. We have guides for how to manage your inventory in this new RPG. There’s also a guide for picking the best class. And with all the different ways to play, you’re spoiled for choice. Time management is key here, as you don’t want to waste a single turn, so keep that in mind when considering the gear you’re bringing and what abilities it has.

What Tools to Bring

Any class can overcome this boss fight, it’s just a matter of skill. However, if you’re feeling less confident, there are some weapons and skill choices to aim for that will make the fight easier. No matter what tools you bring, your best option is to keep your distance when fighting the Archon. The spells he fires can be very deadly. And having to move around and change targets for the sake of the mechanics is easier if you’re able to damage the boss from a long range. This makes the Archer class with a bow, and some choice ranged abilities, can make the fight a bit simple to deal with.

If you’re a melee-focused player, there are some tips to keep in mind. A greatsword has tons of DPS potential, but you don’t have any real defenses. The Zerging strategy of rushing in and out, dealing as much damage to enemies as quickly as possible, is the best approach with such a huge weapon. If you want to play more conservatively, a Knight with a good shield can really help you out. Using the raise shield ability can help save you against some of the really terrible boss attacks without sacrificing another turn.

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Phase One

Phase One is all about tactical movement and thing your attacks. The Archon in Stoneshard will summon a shield in this phase, and you have to focus on other targets to bypass it. The two bronze statues within the arena are your real targets for phase one.

The statue on the right also has undead that randomly spawn inside the arena, keep on top of killing the undead to avoid getting swarmed. Between killing undead, focus on the two statues.

Be careful of the stature to the left side as well, it spawns blood AoEs that you need to dodge as they can easily take you out.

During both phases, the Archon has a basic melee attack slam, as well as a corpse devour. The corpse devour ability makes it very easy for the Archon to heal, so stay on top of him and keep the DPS up, as you can’t really stop the healing effect right now.

Phase Two

In this phase, after you deal with the statues, the Archon transforms into a massive bat. He will also gain two new abilities, Bestial Charge, and Phantom Bats. Both of these attacks spawn markers on the battle arena for where they will land, keep away if possible. Bestial Charge spawns a thin line on the ground that denotes where the Archon will charge through. If you can line up his Charge so he runs smack into a wall or other object, this will let you get in some free damage. The Phantom Bats ability will spawn a shadowy purple AoE marker.

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