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Fortnite’s 6.30 update brings new weapons and Food Fight content

Fortnite 6.30 Launches, Enables Food Fight

Epic Games has released v6.30 for Fortnite. Contained within are various new weapons, bug fixes and even a brand new game mode.

The big focus with this patch is on a new game mode. The new Food Fight LTM mode pits two teams in a massive arena, in the biggest food fight in Battle Royale history. Each time is responsible for their own foody mascot, and they must defend it at all costs. The arena is split in two for five minutes, allowing each team time to build some defenses around said mascot. First team to eliminate the other mascot wins.

With respect to other new content Fortnite 6.30 will introduce new weapons to the various game modes found within Fortnite. The Battle Royale section is getting a new mounted turret that will help beef up ground-based defenses. It’s a high-DPS weapon, but it’s fire rate must be controlled to prevent overheating. Save the World players have also received a sweet-looking Last Word Revolver, a classic six-shooter that’s fired from the hip or down the sights.

In terms of other gameplay elements and tweaks, there’s a few new things to go over. Glider re-deploy has been disabled in all default game modes, it only remains in Playground and the brand new Food Fight LTM. There’s even a few bug fixes relating to social features not working properly, as well as some minor UI tweaks.

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The loss of Glider re-deploying was really controversial, so it’s easy to see why Epic 86’d the idea. Players had been able to trivialize fall damage and complex jumping puzzles to an extreme degree with the mechanics. It’s unknown if a new form of the idea will take the place of the removed version in the future.

Check out the full list of patch notes here. You can also see the preview trailer for the update down below.

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