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Dynasty Warriors 9 teases co-op and DLC details in new trailer

Dynasty Warriors 9 Co-Op New Trailer Reveals DLC Details

Koei Tecmo has released a new trailer for Dynasty Warriors 9 which showcases the new co-op update coming soon to the game.

The newest trailer for the game dives deep into how the mode will work. We see that players will be able to partake in either local or online co-op with this DLC, and in an interesting twist, owners of the trial version of the game will have the ability to test out co-op with other players as well. That trial co-op won’t be live until November though, after the release of the DLC.

And even if you don’t purchase the DLC pack that includes the cooperative mode, you’re in luck, because Koei Tecmo is releasing a free update with some cool new features.

Aside from the new updates and content, there were also some details of the Season Pass for the game. As anyone who has played the game would expect, there’s a ton of new missions, maps and cosmetic options coming to the game in the future. The Season Pass for Dynasty Warriors 9 will include 16 costumes, six weapons, four scenarios, and four scenario costumes. Online rankings, wallpapers, a character growth system akin to other games in the franchise, accessories, music and more will also be added in future patches.

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The free update, as well as the co-op DLC will be pushed out for the game on October 30.

The game is available now on PS4, Xbox One and PC. You can check out the latest trailer for Dynasty Warriors 9 down below.

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