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DayZ shambling over to PS4

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Bohemia Interactive has finally made the jump to the PS4 with one of their flagship games. DayZ is a zombie survival shooter with incredibly intense multiplayer action, and it’s finally coming to the PS4, And it only took more than four years for it to finally happen.

DayZ has been around since 2012, when it got it’s start as a mod for the popular military-sim ArmA 2. The mod evolved a ton since then, eventually being branched off and becoming a standalone title in 2013. The team powered on, despite losing the original creator of the mod in 2014. The next four years were a flurry of updates and new features as the zombie shooter crept toward it’s own full release. In 2018 all the effort came to a head when the game launched it’s 1.0 version in December, but not before joining Xbox Game Preview last August.

And now, after originally being announced by Bohemia in 2015, DayZ has finally made the leap to a new console.

Check out the gameplay trailer for the new PS4 release down below. DayZ is available now on the PlayStation Store and costs £39.99/$49.99 USD.

Bohemia plans to keep up development on this new version, and hopes to bring it up to feature and performance parity with other versions soon. The addition of base-building is a big goal, while the developers also plan to continue ironing out performance problems and squashing bugs.

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