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CCP holds roundtable on jump and sov changes with players


It’s no secret that the last few months have been contentious. With changes to jump mechanics, and a massive revamp to the processes of owning and holding SOV, the players have been reacting quite effervescently. Some hated the changes, and some loved them, and recently CCP held a roundtable discussion with members of the CSM and select players to reiterate their position and vision for EVE. The reaction was somewhat expected, with a lot of difficult questions being hurled at CCP, with split reactions to the responses.

Several crucial points were clarified by CCP. One of the biggest was these was in relation to the jump range changes introduced in Phoebe. CCP feels that their vision for a more localized null-sec is being realized to a degree through these changes. The ultimate model for null is one of the self-sufficient little empire. The primary form of content for null players in this goalpost model is one of regional and small-scale conflict over local resources.

Which brings up the second major point emphasized by CCP. Content creation quickly became a tense topic. With Sort Dragon and other players asking thinly veiled questions meant to express discontent with the way CCP has handled the changes thus far. CCP even dodged or declined to answer several questions that seem to hit to close to home so to speak.

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You can find the soundcloud recording below:

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