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Code Vein announces three new DLC for 2020

Code Vein Invading Executioner Trailer

Code Vein is a strange game, there’s no denying it. It is also notoriously difficult. The boss battles in the game offer a ton of challenge, in addition to some very heavy themes of blood and gore. It certainly borrows from Dark Souls in terms of difficulty, but the story brings some very unique trappings. The themes of the story are heavily reliant on blood and vampires, as a massive viral outbreak has completely ruined humanity. This helps style all the blood-fueled weaponry with quite a lot of weight.

The base game already has plenty of nonsense and bloodshed, but these DLC packs are turning that up to 11. Code Vein will be expanded with three DLC packs coming in early 2020. Each of the three new DLC packs will of course include new levels to explore and enemies to cull. There’s a bunch of content packed in here. According to the company’s tweet, the DLC will bring new bosses, levels, NPC costumes, and customization options, and expand on the game’s story.

And along with the DLC, there’s a new free update coming in December 2019. We don’t know exactly what is included in this free patch, as Bandai Namco is keeping it all under wraps. However, we can make some guesses. For instance, Code Vein’s October update, which came just a few weeks after the game’s release, added some new cosmetics themed after the spooky Halloween holiday. This means that the new patch will very likely be themed around the holiday season surrounding Christmas. We’re also likely to see some bug fixes and adjustments.

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Each of the three DLC bundles will be packed into the bloodsoaked Season Pass as well. Code Vein’s Season Pass, which will include all three early 2020 DLC packs, is available now for $24.99. Maybe we will see more of the DLC in the coming weeks. The game is out now on PC and various consoles, if you want to grab it ahead of the DLC.

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