How to complete the Paranormal Challenge in BitLife

How to complete the Paranormal Challenge in BitLife

Halloween is almost here, and things are already downright spooky in many games. Once again, players in CandyWriter’s mobile sim have a weekly challenge to knock out.  The Paranormal Challenge in BitLife is a very ghostly one, as you’re going to be getting haunted by a ton of spirits. Here are the steps you need to complete for this week. Fair warning, this one is very RNG-dependent.

How to complete the Paranormal Challenge in BitLife

These are all of the tasks that you will need to complete to finish the Paranormal Challenge. Unfortunately, you only have a limited amount of time to wrap them up before the challenge ends.

Owning 5 properties is a big ask, and it takes a lot of work. You might want to consider putting in the time to getting a good degree like a Doctor. You could alternatively become royalty or a social media star to get the cash you need. Haunted houses are pretty hard to come by, You don’t need to shop for any particular type of house, but you need a fair amount of cash to afford five of them.

Go into the Assets tab and open up the option to Go Shopping. Check the Real Estate section for more info. The haunted houses will be listed there. If you don’t find any, restart the app to refresh the list. When you click a haunted house, look for high Hauntedness ratings, higher ratings mean more spirits. Once you have the five houses, it’s time to get started on the actual ghost hunting.

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Getting Spooky

Dealing with the ghosts is the most RNG-reliant part of all this. You need to go into each house and try to find ghosts. Go through each property listed on the Assets tab and then select each house. Any ghosts found inside the property can be listed when you click on Spirits. You will also see an option to summon a ghost, as well as one to exorcist it, when you click on the ghost.

Repeatedly summon ghosts at each property until you have 10 spirits in total.  Sometimes the summons are dangerous, other times they’re more prank-prone. It’s actually the more dangerous ones you want for the final part of the challenge. Scaring someone to death involves basically murdering them via ghosts.

Go into the Activities tab, and choose Crime. Choose to murder someone, and you will see a dropdown that lets you choose the option you wish to use. There will be an option to scare them to death. Do the deed successfully and you’re good to go.

And now, you have complete the Paranormal Challenge in BitLife.

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