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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will have a bigger focus on realism

Call of Duty

The devs behind Call of Duty: Modern Warfare are pushing for a ton more realism in the newest FPS iteration. And it’s not just about having incredibly violent and disturbing content that portrays war in the horrible light it deserves. In a blog post on the official site, Infinity Ward has revealed plans to push other areas of the game into a much more realistic tone.

In an Activision blog post, the developers explained a fair bit about the changes being made to the game to aid immersion.

“one other thing we added this year is the Aiming Down Sights reload. In the past, if you’re ADS, and you’re shooting and you reload, the weapon would go off to the side, and you’d have to retrain to get to your target. This time if you reload, it stays on the target, so you can stay in the battle.”

This is being done in a variety of ways, focusing on both new animations and immersion, as well as a ton of gameplay tweaks that make the whole thing more believable. As part of this effort, the game is taking a more serious approach to how the guns in the FPS handle. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare players will notice some pretty major changes in this game compared to the other entries in the franchise.

Different weapons will behave differently depending on the circumstances. Not only will all weapons have improved animations for both idle and reload segments, but they will have their own impacts on the surrounding environment. Larger caliber weapons will have a different impact than that from a smaller gun, like being able to punch through more doors and surrounding walls. The largest weapons will also have a strong knockback effect.

Here’s a list of other important points on the details coming to the game:

  • Guns will have sparks and smoke, which will change depending on the type of weapon
  • New idle animations will make standing still look “natural”
  • Infinity Ward had Navy SEAL operators reload weapons in order to understand how it’s done by professionals
  • The team spent time at a firing range to get a better feel for the weapons that will be in the game
  • Weapon scopes will be more realistic in how they show off the world, both in “detail and slight magnification” when the weapon is at your hip

The shooter will also get maps released as part of the post-launch content will be made for free to all players. And of course, players will also be able to play with each other regardless of platform as the multiplayer has input-based matchmaking.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will launch on October 25 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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