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Black Desert tweaks login rewards, adds events and loot ahead of lunar new year

Black Desert Online

Steam aren’t the only gaming property getting in on celebrating the Lunar New Year. Black Desert are adding a ton of new content to the MMO to celebrate the holiday – okay, they’re celebrating Seollal, the Korean version of the traditional lunar new year, but the point still stands.

Here’s what to expect:

  • Login rewards (they call ’em attendance rewards, mind) are getting a huge shakeup. In fact, Kakao’s helping out weekend warriors by allowing folks to catch up on collecting the login rewards by playing multiple hours on the weekends (anyone ever seen an MMO do that before?).
  • In the cash shop, there’s a ton of Korean hanbok, some traditional ones for the men and some super short-skirted modern takes for the ladies, plus some cool fireworks and lanterns.
  • You can also buy those lanterns for 1 loyalty and deploy them for buffs to “light up the skies.”
  • Finally, there’s the new Quests of Fortune event, which officially begins tomorrow.

The Fortune Cookie Event and Wish Lantern Event have started so that Adventurers can kick off this New Year with a great start! And with the new Valks Attendance Reward Event, your inventory will soon be full of Advice of Valks. In addition, Artisan’s Memory has become even more powerful!

A new ocean-based boss, Vell, is being added. When Vell is defeated, it will leave behind “Vell’s Fragment.” Parties/ Platoons that have dealt a certain amount of damage to Vell can loot their reward from this. You can loot the remains from your ship if you sail close enough to it.

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But it’s not just new events and bosses being brought to Black Desert in this patch. Various AP Monster zones have had their AP ranges adjusted. Players with over 245 AP are also receiving a new set of bonuses to HP and DP per point. These adjustments will also buff the overall damage a character can deal.

Classes across the board are having some of their skills adjusted to bring them in line with the more powerful monsters and bosses.

And finally, a variety of bugs and UI complaints are being addressed.

View the full patch notes for more details.

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