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Battlefield V has been announced, drops into battle October 19

Battlefield V Reveal

Battlefield 5 has been officially announced and you can pick it up in mid-October. Electronic Arts and DICE revealed Battlefield 5 today via livestream, and provided a release date for the World War 2 shooter.

The standard version unlocks on October 19. Those who pre-order the Deluxe Edition can play Battlefield 5 in full on October 16.

One cool announcement is that the game won’t have any sort of premium system for paid DLC. All of the post-release content that’s normally paid-access only, will be entirely free in Battlefield 5. This means new maps, modes and other addons will be available for all players when they release.

Instead, the contentious “live services” show up in a service called Tides of War.

Although no form of DLC or other addons have been confirmed yet, we expect that the announcements for that kind of thing will come out closer to release in October. The game will also feature heavily during the EA Play event at this year’s E3, so stay tuned for more news then. There is also a beta test planned, no details or a release date though.

The three main modes in the game are as follows:

Tides of War: The newest take on Battlefield’s popular multiplayer is called Tides of War and EA says it is designed to keep players coming back to the game by adding events, challenges, battles, and rewards. This mode will be directly tied into the more traditional multiplayer. No word yet on the systems involved. But if I were a betting man, I’d say we should expect the garbage fire that is login bonuses, time-based gameplay locks, and other compulsion-driven attempts at keeping players engaged to rear their ugly head.

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And because Fortnite is popular it sounds like fortification building and terrain modding will be be built into the multiplayer. So expect lots of interesting combinations with rebuilding levels in the multiplayer.

There’s also going to be character and vehicles customization in this mode as well. Sounds like a prime candidate for a cancerous loot box system to me. Hopefully EA don’t repeat the same mistakes from Star Wars Battlefront 2.

Stories of War: This is the singleplayer mode that takes a page out of Battlefield 1’s book. A non-linear story with a diverse cast of characters is the name of the game here. so far we’ve only seen one POV, that of a Norwegian anti-fascist resistance member.

Combined Arms: This is a cooperative mode where four players tackle ever-changing objective missions.

Battlefield V is set to be officially released this October and will, as expected, be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC.

Check out the Battlefield website for more news, when it comes. Until then you can enjoy the ultra-awesomeness that is the first announcement trailer for the game below. Said trailer gives us a quick look at the cast of characters, as well as the expected flashes of incredible and fast-paced gameplay. There’s lots of set piece shots involving in-game weapons, vehicles and plenty of explosions. Check it out.

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