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Resident Evil Village coming in May, check out the new gameplay

Resident Evil Village leaks reveal multiplayer modes and more

Those Resident Evil Village leaks were pretty on point. We finally have more details, and some spooky new gameplay, which you should check out.

The new gameplay has finally been revealed the story surrounding the hero, Ethan Winters. Yes, the same hero from the 7th game. Ethan is back after surviving the horror of the Bakers and the surrounding incident. His search for Mia went, well it went, and now he’s searching for something more. Just like his last horrific adventure, Ethan will encounter a variety of terrifying mutated freaks—and they all look like a rather friendly bunch this time around as well.

The creepy ethos of the new setting is dominated by a rather terrifying castle, which we get plenty of glimpses of in the new gameplay segment. You can view the gameplay trailer for the upcoming sequel below.

This is the 8th mainline game in the franchise, and it’s coming soon. Resident Evil Village will be coming to the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and PC on May 7th, 2021 — as well as current-generation consoles, the PS4 and Xbox One.

In terms of gameplay additions, there’s some new and old stuff in this game. Resident Evil 4‘s grid-based inventory is back, although it looks a bit more refined and modernized. There’s some interesting other allusions to RE4 as well, like the merchant. The merchant in this new title is called the Duke and will pop up throughout the game to sell you special gear. While it may not be as iconic as the predecessor, it’s still a very strange character. While providing some comic relief, he also has some gameplay utility.

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Beyond the allusions, there’s a pretty in-depth look at the combat this time around as well.  The enemies include some hooded figures and mutated rat-men, so it sounds like a really good time. There are even some massive werewolves and other crazy creatures to contend with. It doesn’t look like the goo monsters are back in force this time, enemy design looks a bit more varied. I for one hope Capcom keeps up the campy nonsense though, especially considering the fun I had laughing at the insanity of the Bakers. And it looks just as gruesome as ever.

Although if you’re more a fan of the puzzles that defined part of the franchise, Capcom has you covered. Expect plenty of backtracking and fun with bizarre contraptions to be had around this new village.

If you want more than just the new gameplay, check out the full showcase via Capcom below. The showcase for the new RE game begins at 28 minutes in the video below.


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