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Sega partners with Roblox developer to create Sonic-themed game


Roblox has exploded in popularity due in no small part to the massive amount of tie-in games on the platform. The push to get anime, films and TV onto the platform has paid huge dividends for the developers making these games. With millions of gamers showing up each day to play the experiences, there’s some serious potential for marketing hype.

The branded deals aren’t a new thing either, as the likes of LEGO, Nike, Nerf and more have all jumped on the bandwagon. The number of games released that tie into popular properties grows by the day, and now SEGA wants in on the action. The company has just announced a project to bring their own game to Roblox using their most iconic character. The experience is called Sonic Speed Simulator, and is building on the trend of themed simulators appearing on Roblox.

Players will take on the role of their own character within the franchise, and interact with the various iconic animals and baddies from the games. SEGA has brought together a whole team of devs to collaborate on this project and build assets, making this a very ambitious project. The Sonic-themed game for Roblox will then allow them to adventure through the iconic worlds from the games. As you explore, you will even be able to use iconic moves from the games. You can Spin Dash, Jump, and use a Homing Attack.

Right now, the game is in a paid testing phase, and you will need to spend 50 Robux to play it when it does release.

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