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120B ISK Destroyed in Drone Regions Brawl

EVE Online Capital Fleet

In Oasa and the other Drone null regions over the last few months, various groups have been vying to fill the gap left by the NA rental empire’s collapse. Vanguard Coalition made up primarily of  Triumvirate, SOLAR FLEET, and Tau Ceti Federation are directly competing against GmCo made up primarily of Legion of xXDEATHXx and it’s hired mercs Nulli Secunda and Pandemic Legion.  The constant fighting in the area has of course drawn all manner of interference from third parties interested in the daily content mill that the war for SOV has become.

on May 31st in P-ZWKH, Northern Coalition. NC. caught SOLAR FLEET SOLAR engaging Shadow of xXDEATHXx X.W.X and Alternate Allegiance ALTS over the SOLAR station P-ZWKH VII – Home Sweet NewRingsOrion. The station was taken back by ALTS, and the ISK war was almost a tie between XWX and ALTS and their opponents SOLAR FLEET, with NC. losing around 2B.

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