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Paul Haddad, voice of Resident Evil 2’s Leon Kennedy, has passed away

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Paul Haddad, voice of Resident Evil 2’s Leon Kennedy, has passed away, leaving many fans of the actor and the games he appeared in rather sad. The original portrayal of Leon Kennedy in the original version of Resident Evil 2 is something that many fans remember for how memorable and cheesy it was. Bringing such a legendary character to life is a big deal, and losing Haddad is a big loss for the industry.

The news was first posted to Paul Haddad’s personal Facebook account. The breaking news came out via various social media outlets, including posts on Reddit, which then spread across the globe. Haddad has been struggling with laryngeal cancer for some time, and his fans likely knew this day was coming. It’s sad but it’s better to think about all of the wonderful things that Haddad was involved in, and be thankful they existed, rather than sorrowful that they won’t have him involved anymore.

Haddad has a long history within acting and similar vocations. After graduating from McGill University, he went to the National Theater School of Canada in Montreal where he graduated from in 1988. Over the years he has taken on various roles, including the iconic Leon Kennedy. He voiced Uncle Arthur in Babar, the Wolfman in Monster Force, Willy in the Free Willy TV series, and Quicksilver in X-Men.

The actor was memorialized by Invader Studios, the developer that has been working with the actor for some time. Their tweet commemorating working with Haddad can be seen below.

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