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Nova Awakening and Succession shown off in new BDO trailer

Nova Awakening and Succession shown off in new BDO trailer

Black Desert developer Pearl Abyss has released more news this week about their game. The Nova Awakening and Succession has been announced for the MMORPG, bringing new content for the brand-new class. The Nova was added to the game just earlier this month, so it would seem that the developers wanted to shake things up.

Nova is the 21st class to join Black Desert Online and Black Desert Console and the 13th class added for mobile as well. The game has a ton of class variety, and it’s even more varied now.

Here’s how the Nova is described by the developers:

“Nova wields a Morning Star and the shield Quoratum, which contains the powers of the Divine Tree Quturan. She is the last remaining heir of Calpheon’s royal bloodline that was erased along with the rise of the republic. Her shield covers her body like an iron fortress, and she can flatten even distant enemies by extending the chain of her heavy Morning Star.

Nova’s Quoratum is also possessed by the souls of the Thornwood Guard, who follow her every word. By commanding her spirit guards to attack while she remains fortified behind her giant shield, she can effortlessly combine offensive and defensive tactics to overwhelm her enemies.”

The Nova is a newer class in the game, which offers a very unique form of content and gameplay. The strategic frontline fighter is a rather powerful foe on the battlefield, and it’s fun to behold her destructive power. By marrying magic to the melee prowess offered by her gear, Nova is already a rather strong hybrid class.

The new Nova Awakening and Succession will drastically alter the way the class plays. Previously, it was much more of a slow and lumbering tank. The awakening replaces the massive shield and mace that was previously wielded by the fighter with a much quicker weapon. Allowing for more agile movement, the class is getting a major overhaul. The Ascensions are a thing that the game has relied on for years to make classes more fresh, especially for long-time players.

Check out the new trailer for the new class addons down below.

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