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Nintendo Switch Online adds special Legend of Zelda version in October

Nintendo Switch Online Trailer NES Games

Nintendo has added another batch of classic NES games to the Nintendo Switch Online service as part of it’s effort to entice users into paying for the service. The marquee addition this week is The Legend of Zelda SP (or The Legend of Zelda – Living the life of luxury! in some territories).

The other titles released for the service were classics like Solomon’s Key, NES Open, and Dodgeball. If you want to see what games are coming over the next few months, check out the full list over here.

A modified version of the original game that allows players to use a built-in save when first starting the game up. This is essentially a cheat mode that gives players a variety of powerful and useful items right at the beginning of Link’s journey. There’s a ton of corner-cutting options in this version. The White Sword,Magical Shield, Blue Ring, and Power Bracelet are all handed to the player.

You’ll also get 9 keys, a full stack of bombs and arrows, and 255 rupees. You also have 3 extra hearts added, which saves you time grabbing heart pieces.

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Another cool change with this modded release is that you’ll unlock Second Quest mode upon completing the game normally. This version of the game increases the difficulty by increasing enemy health, changing spawn and movement patterns and making other alterations.

Nintendo has also said that they continue to release beginner-friendly versions of classic games in the future. This looks like a good plan considering that option for family bundles with Switch Online. What better way to introduce young gamers to classics by letting them work their way up to the more challenging original versions.

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