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Killer7 for PC has a new trailer showcasing more characters

Killer7 coming to PC

NIS America has released a new trailer for the upcoming PC port of Killer7, and it’s just as weird as the first trailer that was released a while back.

The new trailer focuses on a new batch of the assassins in the game, each with their own backstory and unique abilities. The four assassins shown off within this trailer are “The Wrestler” Mask de Smith, “The Thief” Coyote Smith, Kaede “Barefoot” Smith, and “The Punk” Con Smith. Mask de Smith is a wrestler who can grapple with the best of them. Coyote Smith is an acrobatics expert with a penchant for picking locks. Kaede Smith has a unique move called “Blood Shower”. This can allow her to uncover hidden passages and help in solving puzzles. Con Smith is incredibly fast and equally as proficient in combat as he is in maneuverability.

Players will need to make use of all of the various members of the Smith Syndicate to solve puzzles, avoid traps and combat various enemies in this PC port of the legendary SUDA51 game. The story is intact from the original 2005 release, and follows Harman Smith as he attempts to take on assassination contracts and wipe out the evil Heaven Smile organization.

You can check out the latest trailer below. Killer7 will be releasing on PC via Steam in a few months.

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