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Star Citizen: Around the Verse – Pillar Talk

Star Citizen: Around the Verse - Pillar Talk

The latest Star Citizen: Around the Verse has been released, and we’re pretty psyched. The duo of Chris Roberts and Sandi Gardiner return to run through the latest developments in and around the most ambitious space game ever made. It’s a fairly long video this week, so let’s dive in.

We open up with some player events, including the winner of a in-game contest to make a commercial for the Mustang Beta ship. It’s really cool if I do say so myself.

There’s some good and bad news this week of alpha 3.3, which is live now on the PTU. The newest patch includes some new content on planet Hurston, and there’s a lot of it. This also marks the launch of the backend tech for object streaming that should give a decent boost to in-game stability and performance. This also lays much of the groundwork for future technology improvements for this massive game. The team at CIG has had to push some content that was planned for patch 3.4 has been pushed back to work on it, so those bits have been planned to land with 3.5’s updates.

In terms of other segments, we see a fair bit of the new cloud creation tech behind Star Citizen.

To see more Star Citizen news, check out some of the other Around the Verse videos, or maybe you want to see some more Squadron 42 gameplay. There’s also a bunch of new ships in development, specifically from Drake Interplanetary, Consolidated Outland and Anvil Aerospace. There’s new craft and variants like the Valkyrie and Kraken. Check those out over here.

Check out the latest patch notes on the official site. Cloud Imperium Games has currently raised $199,544,173 from 2,117,346 backers overall. We’re so close to that $200M mark that CIG can probably taste it.

Check out the most recent Around the Verse broadcast down below.

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