How to complete the Crazy Cat Lady Challenge in BitLife

How to complete the Crazy Cat Lady Challenge in BitLife

Once again, players in CandyWriter’s mobile sim have a weekly challenge to knock out. The new challenge is much more cuddly. You’re not hunting demons this week, instead, you have something much more peaceful to deal with. You have four days to wrap up this task. Doing so will earn you a unique cosmetic reward for your account. This guide will run you through how to complete the Crazy Cat Lady Challenge this week, earning a nice and furry reward.

How to complete the Crazy Cat Lady Challenge in BitLife

The Crazy Cat Lady Challenge in BitLife is a weird one, but it’s much easier compared to previous entries. Players just need to worry about owning a bunch of cats. Here are the steps you need to take to complete each step of the challenge:

Being born as a woman is easy, just make a female character.

To buy pets, go into the Activities tab and click the Pets option. Go to the Cat Breeder to look at the various breeds you can buy. You can see the full list of breeds that can be sold. The options when you click on each one will be random, so just pick from the options for five breeds until you have the 15 cats you need. It’s actually a very easy challenge.

Going to the Cat Breeder gives you many more options for cats, but they will be much pricier, and it’s only available if you have a Bitizenship. Which means free players won’t have that option. It’s kind of annoying, but it massively speeds up this challenge. You can also choose Pet Shelter or the Pet Store.

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The one thing you need to watch out for is cost. Each cat has monthly costs associated with it. Be sure to check your Finances in your Asset tab, you don’t want to go broke caring for all these pet pals. Every cat will cost about $1,000 up front, and have up to a few hundred dollars of monthly expenses. Keep an eye on that and get your 15 cats. Remember to pick from at least five breeds. Names and ages don’t appear to matter.

The one thing that does matter is the Craziness rating. You need to buy cats with the Craziness meter in the red. have five of your 15 with that rating. This is there so you have to be kind of selective with the cats you buy.  If you’re not wealthy and can’t buy them all in one go, be sure to get younger cats first, as they tend to live a long life.

Now that you have all these furry friends, it’s time to take them for a checkup. This will cost a few thousand dollars, so make sure to have some cash saved up. To complete this part of the Crazy Cat objective requires you to take all 15 cats to the vet by visiting each of their profiles. Go into the Relationships tab and click each cat. In there should be an option for veterinarian that costs $75 to visit. Do this as soon as you buy the cat if you plan to rush the objective.

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