How to complete the Rocket Man Challenge in BitLife

How to Complete the Rocket Man Challenge in BitLife

Become a legendary musician this week in BitLife. The stellar Elton John has penned many great songs and hits over the years, and now CandyWriter wants to honor his talent. You’re going to try and replicate his success this week for the Rocket Man Challenge in BitLife. Like all previous weekly challenges, things are going to heat up pretty quick and you need to rush through certain tasks to earn the special reward. Here’s how to complete this challenge.

How to complete the Rocket Man Challenge in BitLife

This week is pretty simple, as you’re once again getting into the music industry.

  • Be born a male
  • Master the piano
  • Become a famous solo artist
  • Have a double-platinum record
  • Marry a man

Start by making a male character, your country of origin doesn’t matter. And since you’re going to focus exclusively on your music career, education is not as important. Spending time learning Piano and singing skills will be crucial for the Rocket Man Challenge in BitLife.

When you get to middle school, you can start taking lessons in one topic, and have it paid for by your parents. Take Piano lessons when you can to get an early start on filling up the meter. Whenever you want to practice, head into the Activities section and then click the Mind & Body tab and click Instruments and then choose piano. That’s the same for any instrument you want to get better at. Each time you practice, you improve your skill and the meter fills. It will take a few years, but you will eventually fill up the meter and complete the challenge.

Players also need to spend time cultivating a gay relationship. and living the dream life of the legend, Elton John. When you marry a man, you will have completed that aspect of the challenge.

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Becoming a solo artist is pretty easy. Once you’ve spent time cultivating those vocal and piano skills, it’s time to take your career to the next level. Press Occupation to open the menu, then Special Careers. You need to choose Musician, and then the Solo Artist choice under that menu. You will have to audition for various record labels to get them to sign you.

This is an RNG-dependent choice, but there are some things you can do to tilt odds in your favor. Try for a solo career when you’re young. You could also try exercising and going to the gym, looks and health might help your chances. Being young and pretty makes it much easier to make it in the music biz. The most important element is your skill in your chosen talents. For this challenge, make sure both Vocals and Piano are in the green in their relevant meters.

And now, you need to focus on becoming a music legend. Getting a platinum album is a big ask all on its own, but you’re taking things to the stratosphere. You need to get even more sales and take your records to double platinum, the highest-selling records award you can get in the game. Just keep practicing and churning out albums to get there.

Once you’ve done all of that, you have complete the Rocket Man Challenge in BitLife.

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