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Final Fantasy XIV and Monster Hunter World announced collab DLC

Final-Fantasy XIV Monster Hunter World Collab

Square Enix has announced new collaboration downloadable content for Final Fantasy XIV. The game will get new content from Monster Hunter: World, including a new Rathalos battle, as well as Palico companions. The new content was announced during the Square Enix video demonstration at E3 2018.

The trailer for the update, which is included below, also has some references to the 4.3 patch for Final Fantasy XIV. The Under the Moonlight update added new quests, items, companions and more.

Seeing as how Capcom is committed to releasing more and more new content for MHW, this is a great move. The company just debuted a new Arch Tempered Kirin hunt last week, and this new added content is likely to bring more players over from FF XIV. Crossovers are a pretty common thing for Monster Hunter World, the game has featured content from Mega Man and Devil May Cry.

According to the crossover’s official webpage, players of Final Fantasy XIV will get to take on “an iconic monster from the Monster Hunter series.” Additionally, you will have to be at least Level 70 and you must have completed the main scenario quest “Stormblood” to access the crossover event. And if you want to jump in to the end-game of FF XIV right away, there’s an optional level skip that can be bought.

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