What is the max character level in Crucible?

What is the max character level in Crucible

As you play through the new PvPvE game, Crucible, you will notice something interesting. Each hunter, or playable character, within the game has its own level attached. There are a total of 10 hunters in the game roster at this point. The developer will likely add more in the future though. As you run through matches, the level will increase and unlock new abilities. The more experience points you earn during the match, the stronger your Crucible Hunter becomes And that leaves a simple question. What is the max character level in Crucible?

The menu in-game will display your level, so you can track your progress to max. Each level has a suite of abilities attached, and players will certainly develop a metagame for the best approach. Right now, there is no maximum level in Crucible. This doesn’t mean you will constantly gain new abilities.

As Amazon adds new content in the form of Hunters, maps, and other updates, expect the suite of abilities to change too. At some point, there will be a cap added. It’s just so early in the game that there’s no way for a player to hit that theoretical limit. At least that’s how I see it. So for now, just keep playing. We’re still in the very early days of the game, so enjoy this world without limits while it lasts.

Crucible is a PC-exclusive, so you will not see it jumping to the Xbox One or PS4 anytime soon. So if you want to run to that max level as fast as possible, don’t wait around for the console port if you really want to get moving. Crucible  is a free-to-play game too, making it easy to access.

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