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Codemasters releases new F1 2018 gameplay trailer

F1 2018 Trailer

Codemasters has released the newest trailer for F1 2018, and it looks quite fun. The whole game looks to have been overhauled in favor of realism, so hardcore fans should have a lot of fun with the game this year.

F1 2018 also has an expanded Career mode, as well as a revamped online mode featuring vast improvements to nearly every aspect of gameplay.

The graphical and AI power of F1 2018 has had a brick placed on the accelerator, so the game  looks even nicer compared to previous outings. Players can expect more realistic weather and physics modeling as well as improved handling systems. Lighting, fogging and other minor visual details are being beefed up as well. The visual design of the cars has been tweaked as well, mostly to bring the look in-line with current regulations in the real world. So expect the Halo system to appear in the game. Although you do have an option to toggle the inner support so it doesn’t obscure your vision during play.

In terms of gameplay, Codemasters has poured a lot of effort into reworking the multiplayer and singleplayer aspects of the game. The big driving force this year is on realism. With a revamped physics and handling model combining with a new Super License System, racers are being encouraged to drive in a much more competitive and realistic way. The Super License System will probably act like a rating system that has a minor impact on in-race performance online, so that way players are discouraged from breaking rules and driving like maniacs.

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Contract management, negotiations and press coverage all impact the course of your F1 2018 career, so there’s much more realism there too.

Game Director, Lee Mather had the following to say about the expanded Career mode and other content in F1 2018.

“This is the most complete F1® experience that Codemasters has ever created. The Career mode is the central point of the game and has been greatly expanded with the inclusion of pressurised press interviews that will directly affect your path through the sport. There is also far more flexibility for the player, including the ability to select your own rival and negotiate team moves during the season.”

F1 2018 is scheduled for release on August 24 for PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One. Check out the latest gameplay trailer for the high-octane racer down below.

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