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CIG unleashes wave 2 of CitizenCon tickets, and a new Around The Verse update

Around The Verse July 12 2018 update

CIG is busy toiling away on Star Citizen 3.2 and beyond, and the next alpha version of the ambitious sci-fi MMO is on the way, now the team has released a quick Around The Verse update video showcasing some of their progress.

On the development end of the spectrum, the latest Around the Verse is all about the recently released patch 3.2 and the currently-in-testing patch 3.2.1. In it, Director Chris Roberts and VP of Marketing Sandi Gardiner recap the new mining system as well as updates on the Quantum Linking mechanics. The video also features a few short previews of what players can expect to find in patch 3.2.1, currently in testing on the PTU; the studio covers upcoming sound-design improvements, new touring module mechanics, and their efforts on the bug-fixing front.

There’s also some discussion background lore in the new ATV. The focus this week is on the Imperial Cartography Center, an organization chartered with the task of handling exploration and navigation logistics across known space. We get to see a bit of the organizations background and history, as well as snippets of their contemporary pursuits in mapping the stars. All very interesting stuff.

In related news, CIG also announced via Twitter that another batch of tickets for the upcoming CitizenCon event have gone live, get them while you still can.

But it’s not all sunshine and rainbows in the Star Citizen community this week. Some players are getting really fed up with the lack of substantive progress CIG and RSI have made on multiple fronts, and have been making their voices heard for months now. We’ve all probably heard about the endless string of refunds and disillusioned Reddit posts, but backers have taken on a new tactic as of now.

Some Star Citizen players have taken to blockading content in-game in order to express their attitudes towards the game and its pace of development. Specifically, these players are angry over the decision to halt development of Arena Commander, one of the elements of the game that tends to draw a core group of players. Whether this pans out into any substantive changes in policy from CIG and RSI, we’ll have to wait and see. Some are billing it as simply the rise of emergent gameplay within Star Citizen.

Despite various hiccups like these, CIG continues to rake in tens of thousands of dollars everyday for the game. Funding stands at $189,814,684 raised from 2,056,733 backers. And with CitizenCon around the corner, CIG will probably have some new feature or gimmick to reel in more money with.

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