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Black Desert Online O’dyllita region coming October 7th

Black Desert Online O'dyllita region coming October 7th

Black Desert Online O’dyllita region will be coming soon to the massive RPG. It has been some time since anyone heard anything about this region and the planned content update. COVID-19 seems to have contributed to some very long delays since it was first announced. The O’dyllita update and the free content coming along with it were first announced in March 2020, and we finally have a release date for it, many months later. Check out the teaser released all that time ago in case you forgot what’s coming.

Kakao Games and Pearl Abyss have announced that the upcoming large free content update, O’dyllitais, is coming to Black Desert Online on October 7th.

The game has exploded in popularity in recent years. Starting in South Korea, Black Desert Online has now been ported to over 150 countries and continues to grow as new content is added. And even though the game got is first leap to global renown on PC, that hasn’t stopped some beautiful mobile and console versions from landing in various regions.

Seriously, Black Desert Online has likely achieved a gold standard for environmental art in MMOs. The player-driven gameplay and competitive PvP environment have also helped immerse a dedicated player base of millions across the globe. Seriously, check out some of the screenshots for the Black Desert Online O’dyllita expansion down below, and tell me they aren’t amazing.

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And along with that new land to explore comes another new class option. Say hello to the Hashashin. This new Samurai archetype wields his deadly blade with masterful grace and precision. O’dyllita is the dark mirror of the earlier released Kamasylvia region, and will also expand on the story of the previous patches. The new class will tie into these story threads too. You will need his impressive skills as the new regions are meant to be among the most dangerous yet.

And along with these new skills will come a new armor set that’s also tied to the new quests. Players will embark on a grand journey to assemble and upgrade this powerful new gear throughout the expansion. You will also learn the story of the Ahib, a long-exiled sister race to the Elves of the new region, which has returned for some very strange reasons.

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