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Monster Hunter Rise shows off monstrous new art

Monster Hunter Rise Tetranadon Footage

This week marks an exciting development for Capcom and Monster Hunter fans, as the company has more details to share about the next game. Capcom is going in hard on the Switch as a platform and is putting all their effort into offering a full-fat version of the mainline series on the portable console.

And while you’re getting to hunt plenty of old foes from previous games. The sweltering new environs of the game will hide various terrifying new enemies. Monster Hunter Rise will feature a new aquatic enemy known as Tetranadon. This bloated new beast comes to use with some unique defensive and offensive abilities, seemingly centered around inflating its belly and expelling the contents. Check out the new concept art of Tetranadon via Twitter down below.

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And if you’re in the mood for some extended gameplay of Monster Hunter Rise, Capcom has your back. With TGS this year, the company had plenty of the new Switch game to show off. Judging from the new gameplay, some conventions from the previous game have made their way into the new entry. Players will make use of verticality in new and exciting ways.

The locales of the game, all part of a new setting, push the direction into a more tropical feel. Gamers and fans will get to hunt monsters new and old in a strange new land once again. If you’re worn out by the sameness of Astera, there’s an easy fix for that when the next game drops.

Monster Hunter Rise will release exclusively for Nintendo Switch on March 26, 2021.

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