How to farm Entrati Lanthorn in Warframe

Angels of the Zariman Releases

The Angels of Zariman expansion just dropped for Warframe, bringing in a bunch of new story elements, quests, and more gameplay elements. The Holdfast Syndicate has recruited the Tenno to help them out, bringing a new war to the Void. Included in the expansion is a mix of new missions, as well as a new player hub. This new hub even has improved customization options for players to decorate, adding a new layer to players’ abilities to make the world their own. You can read more about this, and the rest of the expansion, on the official page.

As you get deeper into the expansion, you will end up encountering new weapons, such as Phenmor and Alternox. These powerful new tools are the envy of many Tenno, so players really want them. One resource in these blueprints is Entrati Lanthorn in Warframe. Here’s how to get one of the vital resources for these guns.

How to farm Entrati Lanthorn in Warframe

Entrati Lanthorn is a pretty important thing if you plan to use Gyre, or any of the new weapons. It’s one of many components in the new Holdfast items, including Gyre, the new Warframe. Here are the missions you can complete to get a chance at this resource. The Entrati Lanthorn can either drop for containers, or as a mission completion reward.

  • Void Armageddon in Oro Works
  • Void Flood in Everview Arc
  • Zariman Bounties in the following ranges: 50-55, 70-75, 90-95
  • Greenway Mobile Defense
  • Halako Perimeter Extermination
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If you want the highest drop chances, opt for either Halako Perimeter Extermination or Greenway Mobile Defense. Both of these options have a 10% chance to drop Entrati Lanthorn in Warframe when you complete the mission.

The resource also has a small chance to drop from containers and lockers on any mission using the Zariman Ten Zero tileset. In other words, you need to play missions added in the new expansion to get more of this and the other new resources. You could use Resource Drop boosters if you have them, but don’t waste your Platinum on that. A better use is getting a solid Nekros Prime farming build to get many more resource drops by group farming.

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