How to get prismatic shards in Stardew Valley

How to get prismatic shards in Stardew Valley

Prismatic shards in Stardew Valley are one of the rarest and most valuable minerals in the game. It’s one of the best gift items as well, as almost every NPC loves them as gifts. Out of all the NPCs, Haley is the only one that hates it. That makes it a highly prized item, and one that many players will try to farm for. So let’s talk about that. This won’t be easy, for starters you need to reach the bottom of the mines all the way at Level 120.

Where can you get Prismatic Shards in Stardew Valley?

Here are the most common ways to get this rare item:

  • Mining a Gem Node (spawns on any mining floor)
  • Mining an Iridium Node (spawns on Hill-top and Four-Corners Farm Maps)
  • Mining a Mystic Stone (Spawns on mining floors 100 to 120, has the highest chance)
  • Mining an Omni Geode (spawns on mining floors above 21)
  • Killing a Mummy (spawns in Skull Cavern)
  • Killing a Shadow Brute (spawns on mining floors 81 to 119)
  • Killing a Shadow Shaman (spawns on mining floors 81 to 119)
  • Killing the Serpent (spawns in Skull Cavern)
  • Looting a Fishing Treasure Chest (spawns when you have fishing level 6 or above)

It’s important to get all the way to level 120 as this increases the drop chances of various items. All the drop chances for the mobs listed above go up to 0.4% (instead of the normal .01% to .05% depending on the mob)

Going into the caverns is probably your best bet. Killing and mining for these items around floors 100 to 120 looks to have the best chance to spawn Prismatic Shards. You can get them pretty regularly with a few days work, Don’t expect to get more than a few each run though. And since you’re so deep in the caverns, bring the best armor and weapons you have, as you will need them against the vicious foes that lurk in the dark depths.

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You cannot duplicate Shards via the Crystalarium. If mining and delving isn’t your thing, you have a very small chance to get them from a Rainbow Trout Fish Pond that has at least 9 fish in it. This is a very low chance though.

What can you use Prismatic Shards in Stardew Valley for?

Aside from the potential for gifting, there are a few other uses for this item. Prismatic Shard can be used in the spool of the Sewing Machine to create one of 5 random “prismatic” clothing items. Each of these makes for both snazzy threads and great ways to make money. But the best use of a Prismatic Shard is to craft Wedding Rings. These are multiplayer-only items that you need to have to wed another player in a game. You combine the Shard with 5 Iridium Bars to make the item.

You may also want to save some Prismatic Shards to get the Galaxy Sword, the best weapon in the game. To craft a Galaxy Sword with your Prismatic Shard, head over to The Three Pillars located in the northeast portion of The Calico Desert. Place the Prismatic Shard in the center tile.

Get the Galaxy Sword in Stardew Valley

A Prismatic Shard can also be offered to the Dark Shrine of Selfishness at the Witch’s Hut, in order to turn children into doves. This will allow the player to remove the child from their game if they don’t want them.

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