How to become a Fire Chief in BitLife

How to become a pilot in BitLife – Airline captain guide

If you want to become a Fire Chief in BitlLfe, you may be chasing that achievement.  This is an easier job to get into at the bottom level, but it takes time to get promoted. That’s where the real work comes in. There’s no real trick to getting there though, as a lot of stuff with this app is based on that luck. When you’re done begging RNGesus, it’s time to get started. Here’s what to do to become a Fire Chief in BitLife.

How to become a Fire Chief in BitLife

Start by making a character based in any country, and try to get them with a good set of stats. All of your base stats should be at least yellow or mid-range. The higher your Health and Body scores, the better you’re going to do in this physically demanding job.

It’s time to make a choice. Do you want to go into higher education and then go for the Fire Chief job later? If so, you’re going to have a harder time. The available pool of jobs is much larger with a college degree, and to become a Fire Chief in BitLife, you only need to graduate High School.

if you’re lucky your parents will be able to pay your tuition. This takes a lot of strain off of your finances while just getting started out in life. If you don’t get the event, you can apply for a student loan to make up the cost. You will have to pay it back though. The easiest way to get into college and university though, is through a scholarship. If you make a character with high Smarts and Health, they have a much higher chance of getting a scholarship.

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Keep on top of your grades throughout Elementary, Middle and High school and you might get lucky. Another option is to get an athletic scholarship. Provided you put the work in throughout Middle and High School you can get offered one. Be sure to work out constantly and focus on grades and extracurricular activities above all else for this to work

If you want to skip all that, you can. When you get out of High School, you will be able to go into the Occupation tab and see what jobs you can apply for. As long as you have good Health, Happiness and Body stats, you should get accepted. You may need to reload or age up before the job shows up.

Now you need to work your way up through the ranks. There are multiple levels to go through before you get to be a Fire Chief in BitLife. Keep going into your job and putting in extra effort via the option, you should get promoted after you age up enough.

You will start at the bottom rung, and work your way up. The levels to work through are:

  • Fire equipment operator
  • Lieutenant
  • Captain
  • Battalion Chief
  • Assistant Chief
  • Fire Chief

That’s it! You’re done and you’ve landed that dream job. Now you have a nice new achievement on your profile.

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