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Twitch Partners with Disney to Bring Top YouTubers to Streaming


In yet another deal that could see Twitch compete with YouTube, Twitch and Disney have inked a deal to bring popular YouTubers onboard for the streaming service.

The deal, which includes YouTubers Markiplier, Jacksepticeye, Strawburry17, and LuzuGamers, means each of the aforementioned will “livestream and create video on-demand content for Twitch, as part of a multi-year partnership.” Each of these YouTubers, who combined have a subscription base exceeding 44 million followers, are part of the Disney Digital Network, which was formerly known as Maker Studios.

Twitch has been making deals left and right these past few months. With a $90 million deal with Blizzard to stream the Overwatch League, and a massive audience that dwarfs most other forms of online entertainment, the deal could be quite lucrative for those involved. Especially considering the growing concerns over profitability for both individual YouTubers and YouTube as a platform. All that said, there’s nothing that would signal these creators abandoning YouTube entirely.

Twitch will also launch a new suite of Video Creator Tools to help new streamers grow their audiences alongside this deal. The company is also introducing “Premieres,” “Past Premieres,” and “Reruns.” The first feature will allow streamers to schedule events and make countdowns for said events, making it easier for audiences to catch new content. “Past Premieres” will provide access to former “Premieres,” whereas “Reruns” will allow rebroadcasts of older videos.

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All in all, it looks like a win-win situation for Twitch and their streamers. This could only be made better if Disney works with Twitch to distribute more of its content via the streaming platform.

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