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Magic: The Gathering Scry Lands Return in Core Set 2020

Magic The Gathering

Magic: The Gathering is a complex card game with a ton of mechanics, card interactions and finicky rules. Understanding everything from Mana curve to proper synergizing of combos is vital to making a well-made deck. And a big part of that for a long time has been built around the idea of being able to plan ahead and be one step ahead of your component. Another major part is the crucial aspect of keeping a supply of Mana in reserve.

For many years, and across multiple release blocks, MTG players relied on a mechanic called Scrying to scout ahead. Scrying would allow a player to look at the top card on their deck, which is surprisingly useful. One iteration of this mechanic would meld Scrying with the Lands that generate the Mana you use to cast spells in the game.

These Scry Lands have had a treasured place in many hearts of Magic: The Gathering fans, and for a while they’ve been relegated to Legacy or other non-Standard play as they haven’t been part of Standard sets since their introduction with the Theros block in 2013-2014. That’s all changing with the upcoming release of Core Set 2020.

Core Sets in Magic: The Gathering are sometimes something of a mixed bag. To some players their a chance for Wizards to reprint older cards, destroying secondary market value, and angering collectors. To other players it’s a chance to experiment with new and old mechanics to learn a competitive meta-game that evolve with successive sets. Think of Core Sets like pole position in motorsports. The leading driver sets the tone and pace of the race in much the same way that Wizards can set the tone of a release cycle with the Core Set of that run.

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Wizards bringing back Scry lands is potentially pretty huge. Of course it will depend entirely on what other cards get dropped in Core Set 2020 and future sets. What reprints and chase Rares/Mythics we see in this block will determine just how powerful the return of the ability to plan ahead will be.

Scry Lands in Core Set 2020

So far five cards have been confirmed as Scry Lands in Core Set 2020, they are as follows:

  • Temple of Malady (B/G)
  • Temple of Triumph (R/W)
  • Temple of Silence (W/B)
  • Temple of Mystery (G/U)
  • Temple of Epiphany (U/R)
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