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Crusader Kings III: Fate of Iberia Announced

Crusader Kings III: Fate of Iberia

The newest DLC has been announced for Crusader Kings III. Players will get more flair and events added to the game, focusing on the Spanish period leading to the Reconquista, and the period of time where much of the Iberian peninsula was ruled by various Arab empires and nation-states. This new pack is called Crusader Kings III: Fate of Iberia, and it’s coming quite soon.

Crusader Kings III: Fate of Iberia is the second “flavor” expansion pack for the latest sequel in the iconic Crusader Kings franchise. Fate of Iberia will be the title’s third major expansion for the game. Along with the new characters, we can expect new events and more to help flesh out the experience. Northern Lords was released last year, adding Scandinavian cultures, history and characters to the game in the first flavor pack. Royal Court is the most recent expansion to the game, baking a more fully-featured court and intrigue system.

These “flavor packs” are smaller packs of DLC that expand the roster of characters for certain regions or time periods, adding more flair and visual themes that make a run in a given region of the world feel more alive.

Crusader Kings III: Fate of Iberia is set to be released on May 31, 2022. You can currently play Crusader Kings III on PS5, Xbox Series S/X, and PC, via both Steam and the Microsoft Store. You can currently pre-order Crusader Kings III: Fate of Iberia on Steam for $6.99.  Check out the trailer for the expansion down below.

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