How to get the Eyasluna and best God Rolls

How to get Eyasluna in Destiny 2, and God Rolls

The Eyasluna is a returning Hand Cannon that players can get in Destiny 2.  The game has added a bunch of new weapons in the Bungie 30th Anniversary event. During that time, we’re going to be seeing a lot of people chasing the god roll for these weapons. The mods and addons for the Hand Cannon are pretty varied, and a few of them are quite useful.

How to get the Eyasluna in Destiny 2

This, and several other weapons in the new event are exclusive to the Grasp of Avarice dungeon. Previously this weapon was a random reward from the Crucible in D1, but that’s obviously no longer the case. You just need to join and run the dungeon to try and get the gun.

Note that, at present, you can only loot the Dungeon three times per week—i.e. once per character class—but Bungie is planning to change that in the future to make it farmable.

Eyasluna PvE God Roll

  • Hitmark HCS
  • High-caliber Rounds
  • Unrelenting
  • Headstone or Demolitionist

Hitmark HCS is the best option for a range boost in PvE, but any option works, really. High-caliber Rounds is a must for CCing big bosses and keeping there breathing room between you and your foes. As you’re blasting through enemies, being able to generate either grenades or Stasis is key for some builds. Go for the option that works best for your setup. Unrelenting makes this much easier to sustain as you’re wiping out PvE targets.

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Eyasluna PvP God Roll

  • Fastdraw HCS
  • Ricochet Rounds
  • Range Finder
  • Moving Target

The best thing you can do in PvP with Hand Cannon weapons is getting shots on target as fast as possible. Having every buff to rang and ADS speed you can get is great for this. Fastdraw makes this process much quicker. By combining that with Moving Target and Rangefinder, you’re getting shots off much faster. Ricochet Rounds adds a bit more DPS that can help save your butt.

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