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Digital Extremes wants to help players prepare for Warframe’s New War expansion

How to get Sevagoth and Epitaph in Warframe

Warframe’s New War is the next big expansion to the game. The focus for years has been to add content and expand open-world areas. Now, we’re finally getting a new story arc. And with that comes a big new challenge. For new and retuning players there’s a big amount of work to do. Core to the prep will be getting as much progression as you can.

The goal here with Warframe‘s New War is to offer a big revamp to the game. And that prep will involve being at a comfortable level in terms of crafting materials, story progress, and a few other areas. This means getting deep into the Steel Path and mods system, adding a ton of power to your frames. If you have a few completed end-game builds, you’re in a good place. And if you have a few Prime Warframes in stock and maxed out, you might be even better.

The recent Regal Aya addition to allow players to get tons of Prime variants was a big help. The prep has not finished yet though. In a post on the official Warframe website, Digital Extremes have detailed everything that players will need to have done to be able to get in on day one. To be clear, this is not a “you need to have these things done to play at all” kind of post. This is more just a guideline on the kind of things DE is expecting players to have some knowledge of. New War is basically an endgame expansion, so having the previous story beats finished is kind of expected.

Warframe‘s New War expansion will answer some “longstanding questions about its bold and intimate story,” and lead players into a new chapter. But developer Digital Extremes is not content to let a sleeping dog lie. And it’s going to be big. With the new content coming in New War, you’re going to be jumping into a huge amount of missions and stories.

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