Null Sec Sov Fights

SOLAR Nyx killed in Querious

With Northern Coalition. reinforcing large swathes of Querious with the pending changes slated to arrive with Phoebe, the local residents of the Initiative and Get Off My Lawn have been steadily evacuating northwards to rejoin much of the CFC in a more defensible position. The Russian alliance SOLAR FLEET, which earlier this year suffered a near collapse of it’s membership basis as many active corps left to form Dream Fleet, has been preternaturally quiet about any plans or movements that they are preparing to make. Yet on the 23’rd of October, one of the first SOLAR supers killed in months was head shot by an Northern Coalition. supercapital fleet commanded by Tylr of Burning Napalm.

[20:33:30] Tylr > i was moving to check a system we have RF
[20:33:37] Tylr > and i notices[sic] the nyx
[20:33:48] Tylr > I warped into check and saw him right on the edge
[20:34:09] Tylr > so I bookmarked the spot and left system, came back and sure enough he was out assigning fighters
[20:34:14] Tylr > so i left again
[20:34:24] Tylr > pinged nc. titans and slows
[20:34:36] Tylr > jump back, warp in cyno up
[20:34:39] Tylr > titans jump
[20:34:45] Tylr > dd, dead

SOLAR FLEET has been a largely inactive alliance since the end of the Halloween War back in April, having gone into a period of hibernation in Querious while remaining close ties to the CFC. Reports indicate that the alliance leader, MACTEP, is almost permanently AFK, which is what caused the split between many of their heavily pvp focused corporations earlier this year. SOLAR FLEET or the Nyx pilot himself, could not be reached for comment for this article.
Tylr had this to say regarding the death of the titan:

[20:38:22] Tylr > i didnt get on the mail …
[20:38:28] Tylr > my titan didnt have cap
[20:39:57] Tylr > always nice as an FC to give your alliance shinny kills

Northern Coalition. Is still in the process of grinding Querious down, with SOLAR FLEET’s own space perhaps soon on the menu for the taking.

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