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Blizzard announces Warcraft III: Reforged, a full remaster of the classic RTS

Warcraft III: Reforged announced as a full remaster

During Blizzcon 2018, Blizzard announced some news that will have both RTS and Warcraft fans really excited. The company is working on a full remaster of Warcraft III named Warcraft III: Reforged.

Many fans knew this was coming for years, especially since the game got a massive update earlier this year which added 24-player lobbies and widescreen support to the RTS title.

There will be two editions of the remastered RTS game, with the basic edition costing $29.99 and will include all the base content of the remaster. There’s also a $39.99 Spoils of War Edition which offers bonus content in multiple Blizzard titles.

For WoW players, the Meat Wagon Mount is included in the Spoils of War Edition. Hearthstone players get a special Third War Card Back. The other content comes in the form of Heroes of the Storm additions Jaina, Thrall, Anub’arak, and Tyrande. Blizzard is planning to introduce more bonuses for other games like Starcraft II, but they’re holding some details back. The company did reveal that in order to qualify for all of the bonuses that will be offered, you have to pre-order Warcraft III: Reforged on or before December 31, 2019.

And don’t worry about having to purchase additional content or expansions, because Warcraft III: Reforged will include both Reign of Chaos and The Frozen Throne expansions. This remaster is the full campaign and all factions. There’s more than 60 missions across multiple iconic Warcraft races. Each race acts as a unique faction in-game with their own strategies, units, abilities, and powerful champion units.

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And speaking of units and races, literally every unit and building in the game is getting a rework. The visuals for this more-than-decade old game are about to get a huge boost.

Currently Warcraft III: Reforged is set to release sometime in 2019.

Here’s the official reveal trailer and description for the game, right from Blizzard:

Warcraft III: Reforged is a stunning reimagining of the revolutionary real-time strategy game that laid the foundation for Azeroth’s most epic stories. It is a remake in the truest sense, featuring a thorough visual overhaul, a suite of contemporary social and matchmaking features, and more. Command the Night Elves, Undead, Orcs, and Humans as alliances shift and armies clash in this timeless real-time strategy game.

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