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Yakuza: Like A Dragon’s Xbox Series X trailer shows off quirky improvements

Yakuza: Like A Dragon's new mini-game trailer

A new trailer for Yakuza: Like A Dragon shows off the next-gen improvements coming to the game for the release of the Xbox Series X port.

Digital Foundry sat down to take a deeper dive of the performance offered byYakuza: Like A Dragon on Xbox Series X are pretty special. Like other games being released on the platform, there will be multiple performance modes offered by the game, depending on what the user wants. The game will still use the Dragon Engine, as introduced in Yakuza 6, Judgment and Kiwami 2. The difference here is that the overall experience is being scaled up.

There will be three graphical modes to choose from: normal, high resolution and high frame-rate. The normal mode will include a target of 1440p, with no dynamic resolution scaling. The normal mode will also offer 60 FPS with full v-sync support. The high-res mode will turn things up to full 4K natively, that’s 3840×2160 but, there is a trade-off. The 4K mode will run at 30 FPS. The final high frame-rate mode brings the intensity of effects down to target 120 FPS as an average.

And as is usual for Sega and this franchise, they put out a trailer for the new version, showcasing some of the features in a very tongue-in-cheek fashion. The trailer mentions “next-gen crustacean AI” and “optimised protagonist optimism” as features, which is basically just a joke way of referencing performance improvements. Check out the new trailer below.

Being the next main game in the franchise, Yakuza: Like A Dragon will feature a bunch of other content as well. We saw plenty of the iconic mini-games coming in the sequel in the last trailer, including arcade games, kart racing and so much more.

As the company behind it described it: “An experience like no other, Yakuza: Like a Dragon brings dynamic RPG gameplay to the streets of Yokohama, Japan, with an epic adventure that combines the intense brawls, crushing drama, and over the top hilarity that the Yakuza series is known for. The game also features voice acting from a dynamic cast of actors, including George Takei, Kaiji Tang, Andrew Morgado, Greg Chun and Elizabeth Maxwell.”

The Xbox Series S/X version of Yakuza: Like A Dragon is set to arrive alongside the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC versions on November 10. The weird one is the PS5 release, which releases in March 2021. The PS5 version will cost a full $60.

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