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Xbox One October update rolls out improved HDR support, new avatars

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Microsoft just announced that the system software update for the Xbox One has started rolling out today for all users.

The biggest new aspect of this update is the massively improved Avatar system. Reminiscent of the Avatars from the Xbox 360 era, these new avatars feature many of the same customization options fans will know and love from the older platform. Microsoft will also have a new Avatar Store where you can obtain even more new Avatar items, including licensed designs from Halo, Gears of War, and more. The new Avatar Closet will contain a massive array of options for customization, far eclipsing that of the original Xbox 360 version of the feature.

Dolby Vision and HDR video streaming will also be part of the update, meaning that Netflix video streaming will now support the feature. Microsoft promises more support for other video services and platforms in the coming months. You’ll need a premium account to access HDR-enabled content, and steady downstream rate of at least 25 megabits per second to use the feature though.

The Xbox Skill feature for Cortana and Alexa has also been added to the Xbox One platform with this update too. The expanded voice command options and interactivity that this feature brings is sure to be welcome among the fans who wanted this sort of thing. You can start and stop streams, capture screenshots, switch between apps and more with these new tools.

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Finally, Narrator, the text-to-speech function for the console that allows for better accessibility for the visually-impaired has new language support for five additional languages, including Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Swedish, and Dutch

If you somehow still don’t have an Xbox One, and want and Xbox One S, you can purchase one over on Amazon. If you prefer something more powerful, you can grab an Xbox One X.

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