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Xbox Game Studios, Codemasters, and others pull games from GeForce Now

GeForce Now

GeForce Now has had a fair amount of troubling rolling out. The game streaming service seemed very promising but has hit major roadblocks thanks to uncooperative game publishers. As of now, another batch of publishers has announced plans to have their games pulled from the services of Nvidia. Previously mega-publishers like 2K Games have had Nvidia pull their games. Activision BlizzardBethesda and others have all had their titles pulled as well.

Now, it looks like a much larger grouping of games is about to disappear from GeForce Now. The titles being pulled include those from Xbox Game Studios titles, which include series such as Forza, Halo, and Gears; Warner Bros., is also pulling their games. Codemasters and Klei Entertainment have also made their wishes clear, and will be leaving.

Many publishers have reiterated that they continue to support Nvidia’s efforts. Ubisoft, Epic, Bungie, and Bandai Namco have all made promises to support GeForce Now as of now. The prospect of hundreds of games played on PC all for one low price, and regardless of your system specs, is a huge deal for many gamers. As long as you can handle the bandwidth and speed requirements, the sheer volume of games on

Currently, Nvidia GeForce Now is offering two tiers of subscription, each with their own bonuses. The premium Founders tier has a monthly fee attached, but very limited capacity. Currently, only the free tier is open to new users. The big tradeoff is that the free tier is limited. Players on the free level are limited to a single one-hour session-per-day before they must re-enter the queue to get another session. Players are reporting a huge glut of users taking advantage of this offer, and queue times keep growing.

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Nvidia has now announced that they’re working on the problem. “As you can imagine, we’re experiencing a substantial increase in the number of GeForce NOW players and their amount of playtime,” Nvidia told subscribers in an email.

“While the service continues to grow, we have decided to take this opportunity to show our early Founders members our appreciation, and will not begin billing until June 2020.”

It will be interesting to see how the company manages to deal with these ongoing issues and keep players happy. If Nvidia can manage to keep PC gamers happy, they can certainly beat Google Stadia rather handily on the strength of their library.

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