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WWE 2K Battlegrounds launch trailer shows Taker fighting with his family

Can you create wrestlers in WWE 2K Battlegrounds?

And yes, despite that headline, it’s super adorable. The trailer is pretty simple, it’s just The Undertaker and his family gaming together. Everyone knows the joy of that if they get to experience it. But it holds a stangely fitting significance for wrestling fans.

Seeing legendary pro wrestler Mark Calaway, better known as the Undertaker, be a family man, is quite the shift. Every wrestling fan of the last 30 years knows the name as The Deadman, and of course, the legend behind The Streak. It’s even more absurd considering how over-the-top the gameplay is in WWE 2K Battlegrounds. But you  know what, it works pretty well.

And if you somehow don’t know, The Streak is the string of 21 matches where the Undertaker never lost during the annual Wrestlemania PPV for WWE. The streak was ended by former UFC Champion Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania 30, a shocker that stunned the wrestling world. The 55-year-old became one of the top superstars right at the start of his career and participated in title matches. A seven-time World Champion, The Undertaker also won the tag team titles six times. He retired from WWE in June of this year, after his final match at Wrestlemania 36.

“I believe I’m at a place now, post-Boneyard, which was a hellacious battle against one of the best in the business. Here you are, climbing on your motorcycle and taking off. There was a lot of thought and a lot of emotion, one of those being ‘are you happy enough with that?’ It was a powerful moment,” he said in The Last Ride, a documentary produced by WWE about the star.

Check out WWE 2K Battlegrounds launch trailer down below.

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