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Wreckfest fall update makes destruction even more fun

Wreckfest receives free update

THQ Nordic has just dropped the details for a new patch to one of their big titles. That’s right racing fans, Wreckfest has a new patch coming out, so you better get behind the wheel and get hyped. The new Fall Update adds a ton of new content, ripe for smashing, so strap in.

The big new addition is that two new tracks are being added to the game. Drytown Desert and Rockfield Roughspot are two new themed locales offer a fast-paced track layout with plenty of dirt and road options to get rough on, hence the name. Other gameplay additions include the enabling of private lobbies, allowing completely closed off matches with your friends, finally. Also, Steam Achievements are now a thing on the PC version.

Another major component of this update is backend tweaks and improvements, mostly focusing on improving performance. Visuals have also been given a tune-up with 4K support for console versions. This backend tweaking has allowed the developer to introduce a new damage model for certain gameplay types. Players will be much less resistant to smashing in this new mode, as it’s all about driver skill versus just shunting the other racers out of your way. So why not spin up your tires and test your driving aptitude against your buddies?

Check it out down below.

But some free new rides isn’t the only new addition joining the roster of DLC for Wreckfest. Previously, we covered the zany Backwood Bangers DLC, which included an outhouse on wheels. This was just the perfect addition to the already incredibly creative vehicle stable in the destruction-fueled racing title. This isn’t Dirt Rally where you drive prim and proper racing machines, you’re going to drive this toilet on wheels around and like it.

The racing game also has all of its various customization elements still in tact, the cosmetic choices have been beefed up with new paint jobs too. Each paint job has a unique, often grimy, theme and a weird name, all perfectly fitting for the very greasy feel of Wreckfest. The full performance tuning has also been retooled a bit to introduce new inter-match tweaks. Players can tune their suspension and handling in between races, allowing them to adjust to the track and the stiff competition.

You can buy Wreckfest on Steam for $39.99. The season pass will cost you $22.99.

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