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World War Bee 2 ends as TEST and allies abandon push into Imperium homeland

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World War Bee 2 is finally over. It has been a long year of war for Goonswarm and The Initiative, the two biggest remaining alliances in the Imperium. As they were slowly pushed back, losing tons of war material along the way, things have changed. The advance faltered after a final attempt to push into the home constellation still held by Goons in Delve.

It would seem that this original grudge from the first WWB has not been able to truly break Goonswarm Federation’s (GSF) resolve. The original WWB came about as a much grander assault, and was one of the biggest wars in EVE history. After being bankrolled by anti-GSF actors within other EVE Online alliances, the original war, dubbed the Casino War, saw the biggest alliance in the game driven from their long-time home. Deklein burned as various coalitions descended on the CFC/Imperium, and forced them to retreat. GSF landed in Delve, a region that they had abandoned some time ago in another war. They slowly licked their wounds and rebuilt, becoming a true economic powerhouse.

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World War Bee 2 has not been anywhere near as decisive. After 13 months of fighting, Test Alliance Please Ignore (TEST), Pandemic Legion/Horde (PL), Northern Coalition. (NC.), Brave Collective, and others have abanded on the push. It would seem that Mittani and the rest of Goonswarm are hellbent on a Reconquista of sorts, or maybe a “beeconquista”. The entirety of their home region of Delve has been put under heavy attack, reclaiming TCUs and IHubs from TEST.

The War is Over

Many regarded the war as over after the failure to break GSF ambition after M2-XFE. But the attackers held on. And it would seem that the sudden end of the war is a surprise on the side of the attackers. The first leaks revealing the end of the struggle came via discord announcements from Vince Draken and LadyScarlet, two key figures in the NC. and PL sides of the war.

NC. is abandoning the war effort

This was followed shortly after by an announcement from Gobbins, the leader of Pandemic Horde.

Pandemic Horde and Legion flee as well

ProGodLegend then called an urgent announcement, revealing that TAPI was retreating north. TEST would land in the remote Drone regions, an area of New Eden long seen as a haven for renters. The reaction from the wider EVE community has been one that could charitably be called mocking. It’s a general feeling that Northern Coalition. is letting Test Alliance Please Ignore “crash on its couch”.

Another factor in the war, Brave Collective, was more honest with their members. Amid the flurry of chaos and ships being blown up, a new CEO was appointed. Dunk Dinkle will be helming the ship from here and will see BRAVE to new areas of the game. In a pre-written announcement, Dunk gave the alliance the bad news: “The war is over and we have lost. As I have said before, this war would be decided by morale . . . and the will of our coalition to continue is gone.” He went on to take responsibility for the fall for his alliance, stating “the blame lies with me as the leader; I will not give excuses or spin. I failed to protect BRAVE from this exact outcome.”

If you come at the king you best not miss, and we have missed. We will lose Querious and will have to move out. BRAVE needs to take a different path going forward. This game is supposed to be fun. For those who stick with BRAVE, I intend to take us on a new path. I won’t be giving details on our exact location now.

Dunk Dinkle, CEO of BRAVE


What about the rest of New Eden?

The more surprising elements of the war ending are seen in the smaller alliances. Federation Uprising, the current Legacy ally holding Fountain, has abandoned any plans to hold the region. It’s very likely that The Initiative will work to reclaim the region in the coming weeks. The alliance has already removed a Y-2ANO Keepstar that would have been their vanguard.

Evictus alliance executor Francis Raven has also made some announcements. The alliance currently borders TEST holdings in Pargon Soul, and has revealed that they plan to try and stay put. The alliance leader made it very clear saying, “I do want to quickly mention, Evictus will be staying where we are, along with our friends in AoM (Army of Mangos) and Vindictive. We will not be leaving.” The future of those plans will depend entirely on how GSF and the remains of the Imperium respond. These three alliances may not be far enough removed to avoid GSF wrath.

There are many smaller alliances that now find themselves in the path of Goon backlash, it’s unclear what will remain after the smoke clears. The complex relationships of the Legacy Coalition are taterred. And it would seem that TEST has been the lynchpin in so much of World War Bee 2. It seems only fitting that their rushed handling of the retreat has all but destroyed their once-powerful coalition.

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