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World of Warcraft numbers dip to 5.6mil ahead of expansion reveal


Activision Blizzard has released it’s financial statements detailing revenue and player numbers for it’s various brands. Most notably, is a drop in subs for World of Warcraft to 5.6 million.

As a decade-old entity, it’s absolutely astounding that World of Warcraft has been able to operate at such a stellar level for so long. The numbers World of Warcraft pulls in each year are on an entirely different level compared to every other MMO on the market. By World of Warcraft standards, dropping to 5.6 million is still alarming, but not a sign of anything unexpected. MMOs age, and WoW needs something new to revitalize playerbase interest.

However, Blizzard are poised to announce a sixth expansion for the game at Gamescom on 6 August. The last expansion pushed the subscription numbers right back up again. Will it happen once more?

Elsewhere in the financial summary, it was noted that Diablo 3 has now “sold through” more than 30 million copies, globally.

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There were also “registered player” numbers of Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm, but they were rather unhelpfully bundled up with Destiny. Across all three games, there are 70 million registered. But without the break-down for the individual titles that’s pretty useless as a statistic.

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