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Wizard’s Symphony for PS4 and Switch has a new trailer

Wizard’s Symphony for PS4 and Switch has a new trailer

Prolific game developers Arc System Works have another new game coming out in a couple of months, this time it’s a “dramatic dungeon RPG” by the name of Wizard’s Symphony.

The game blends newer 2D graphics and gameplay conventions with the typical old school dungeon crawling of games of the past. Gamers who remember the mid-90’s titles like Stonekeep and Mordor: Depths of Dejenol will see a lot of similarity with this game. All the typical early fantasy RPG trappings are here, from elves and beastmen prowl through the dungeons endless halls of the game. And the narrative is told through the visual novel style Japanese games have become known for.

The 2D dungeon navigation, spell management and inventory shenanigans are all going to be fun for gamers looking to relive their memories from older RPGs from their childhood and the like. One interesting twist is that magic can be combined with special equipment to have a special impact on the story, even going so far as to unlock new story elements if you use the right combos.

Check out the trailer for the game down below, it’s pretty great. Wizard’s Symphony releases in Japan on Feb. 28 for PS4 and Switch. No release for Western audiences has been confirmed, but fans are hopeful. So we’ll just have to hope the game generates enough hype to warrant localization.

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