Will Destiny 2: The Witch Queen be on Game Pass?

What is the release date of the Witch Queen Raid?

Xbox Game Pass was a pretty big launch for the Xbox gaming division. The gaming service has been a huge sell for their game launches, and helped propel both Xbox and PC gaming efforts into new hands. The service has found most of its success from the likes of AAA games being a huge part of the promotion of Game Pass. The push with Microsoft acquiring the likes of Bethesda and even Activision Blizzard. It’s these acquisitions that have brought about a ton of speculation about what games will come to the service.

And now, there might be a problem. Sony just recently announced a major acquisition of Bungie, the company behind Destiny 2. This $4 billion deal has led to fears that the game’s newest expansion might be exclusive to some platforms. So that leaves us with a simple question. Will Destiny 2: The Witch Queen be on Game Pass?

Will Destiny 2: The Witch Queen be on Game Pass?

You can grab The Witch Queen expansion for your Xbox or PC ahead of launch, and when it comes out on Feb. 22, you will likely be able to get it on other platforms. Destiny 2 remains on PS4 and PS5, so there’s a strong likelihood that the game will throw the new expansion onto Sony’s platform.

There’s another aspect to this, Game Pass Ultimate. The premium paid version of the service offers gamers free access to many different games on both PC and Xbox. So will the new expansion nbe on Game Pass Ultimate? As far as we know, there’s not any confirmation of such a plan. So no, the game won’t be a part of Game Pass Ultimate.

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The game’s newest addon is a paid expansion that you can purchase for your Xbox or PC Game Pass, but it will not be included in the subscription itself. So no, Witch Queen on Game Pass won’t be a premium addon. You will have to buy it manually via that method, or any other platform.

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